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We are a small but perfectly formed independent Production company by a talented team with strong technical background who have been engaged in TV and film for two decades. Each of us has worked in different broadcast TV and post-production companies providing professional editing and other production services for Broadcast Television, Film, Cinema, & Online distribution. For us, Motion Castle is not only a company, but also our home for our dreams, no matter the environment or location changed, with respect. We hope we can add a little extra to every project that comes through us.

Post Production

Edit and Grade. We truly love our work in create compelling content and to be involved in the creation of wonderful, fantasy, comedy, challenging, informative, exhilarating and action films. From basic editing such as footage merge, re-arrangement and unwanted content removal to complicated storytelling for tv shows or films. Let us bring something new to each project. Turn your productions into high-quality ready-to-broadcast content.

We produce special effects and animation in 2D and 3D to enhance your productions include but not limited to  logos, animation and titles. More advanced work such as match moving, compositing and colour grading are also covered.

Deliver to any platform, anywhere, anytime

From fast turnaround to large scale we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to meet all of your delivery challenges. We can deliver to any specification, from DPP AS11, NETFLIX & Cinema DCP to large format outdoor screens.

Content owners, broadcasters and service providers are challenged with an increasing number of required formats, frame rates as well as the need to produce for both SDR and HDR end points. Also, frame rate conversion and cross conversion between SD, HD and 4K are image processing techniques that most broadcast projects have to dealing with.


Engage your audience with dynamic live production, multiple angles, high video quality connected to your targeted platforms and social media network. Streaming your event live is especially important nowadays to reach your audience all over the world. Whether pushing your event live at your private website, Facebook page and YouTube Channel, our engineer will monitor the whole process and make sure everything is perfect.

Video is the most effective way to capture your audience through strong messages. We produce short films such as corporate videos, training videos and interviews.

Whether it is a seminar, webinar, conference, gala events, trade fair or live performance, we understand the pressure working on a live event. We provide live video mixing and design animated background. Our event producer controls and mixes the video signal, including video-in from video conference and feeds into the big screen on-site, and encode video for live streaming or transmission.


The application of Information Technology plays an important role in high-end production. Using VM is not new in video technology, the world is changing faster than ever. We are moving to the Cloud and IP based production and have to be ready to work anywhere we are. We keep exploring and learning fast to keep us in the place. Whether it is a transmission of live signal or streaming, edit and grade, animation programming, synchronizing videos and presentation slides on the web, or even publishing on the Internet to allow more audience to view our work – they are all about IT.

Creating DCP has never been so easy

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard for all theatrical projection worldwide. Nowadays, cinema systems become popular. Not only cinemas, but also government venues, universities and private clubs have equipped with. Since the introduction of digital projectors and the use of DCP, we have been participating and experienced the evolution of different digital projectors, servers and sound systems. The film copies we master are mainly deliver to theatres in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.




Cinema projector – BARCO
Cinema server – GDC / DOREMI
Sound system – DOLBY / USL

The use of existing encrypted or unencrypted DCP as source for remastering
Integration of different languages of subtitle or audio sets

Video: 2K, 4K, 3D, HFR
Audio: stereo, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos


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