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GO-DCP is an online platform serving as a quick and easy platform to facilitate your DCP mastering. Sometimes you may simply look for an easy way to professionally make your films and trailers for showing in digital cinemas, of high quality and cost-effective.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is the standard for all theatrical projection worldwide. You are required to submit a DCP whether it is a feature film, short film, trailer or commercial TVC. Bear in mind that 24 fps is the universal standard in digital cinema which is fully DCI compliant. A very small portion of films are showing at 25 fps now in cinemas. If you have a different frame rate, do a conversion or check with your cinemas or festivals to ensure that there is no problem to play. You probably don’t want to take the risk showing your work on big screens.

We never sacrifice quality. We have been working with DCP mastering since 2010, besides that, we have been working in the film & television post-production for 20 years. We are used to handling any video process such as frame rate conversion, upconversion, video encoding, and specialized in any standard compliance including INTEROP and SMPTE. We pick a combination of tools to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions on this platform.

Digital Distribution is one of the benefits of the transition from film reels to digital technology. Cost savings from hard drives and shipping costs without doubt. Many distributors, film festivals and cinema advertising nowadays prefer uploads and provide their own DCP exchange portals which demand less physical hard drives. Filmmakers and agencies will find it easier and safer to submit their work to digital cinema and film festivals.

How It Works

It is easy to start mastering your Digital Cinema Packages

① Choose your DCP category

② Share your download link & order

Download your DCP once ready

The format delivery specs listed in the submission guidelines. Please read it carefully before you make an order.

DCP CategoriesRunning Time
Trailer0-3 mins
Short Film3-40 mins
Feature Film (A)40-90 mins
Feature Film (B)90-180 mins

Master Digital Cinema Packages for Your Film

FIRST THINGS FIRST, upload your material & share with us.
You can send us a request if you’d like to access our upload portal.

We offer a standard rate for 4 categories according to the running time of your film.

For any reason, if the DCP we create has issues in projection, we will re-export a new DCP for you at no additional charge. However, some cinemas may not fully compatible with non-24 fps DCPs such as 25 or 30, you may need to pay an additional charge for the 24 fps conforming. It is important to check with the cinema’s tech if there is a sync issue with the picture and sound. We do not responsible for the issues that do not pertain to the DCP master.

Please contact us if you need a quote or something not listed.